About me

I’m Robin and my biggest passions are books and animals. I also love ballet, crafts and any creative hobby.
In my blog I will write about these topics, but I will also update you about my life in the Nest, the new house where I live together with Mr Owl (it’s almost 2 years!! O.O)

When I moved in the Nest I had a pretty hard time, especially with conciliating my full time (and demanding) job and the “house/family management”. I still feel I’m in a time crunch sometimes, but I’m improving ;) I often think about how mothers manage to take care of one or more children on top of all these chores! (Yes, it’s an implicit compliment to any working mom who is reading ^_^)

My blog philosophy would imply regular updates, but I don’t always manage as much as I would like to, mainly because of work. What I always do, however, is answering your lovely comments, and being active in the blogs I follow. Comments and close relationships between bloggers are very important to me.

Thank you very much for stopping by! I hope you come again to the nest! :)

(In case you are interested in my English blog/Facebook page, write me to get the link)